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Nutrex Research Lipo 6 RX - 60 Liqui Cap

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Lipo 6 RX是目前世界上先進的減脂產品,它利用新的內置延時進程的專利技術,這一獨特的技術將迅速傳輸液體的膠囊與可控制釋放的內部膠囊完美地結合在一起.這就是意味著Lipo 6 RX是目前一款具有多進程釋放,快且延時功能的減脂產品.無論是在白天還是在夜晚都可以確保減脂效果.

Lipo 6 RX升級版油脂燃燒器是現有的減肥產品中最先進的,其液體內置延時多進程複合膠囊技術已申請專利.這一專利的技術將快速傳輸藥效的液體膠囊與控制釋放的內部膠囊結合在一起,使藥效得以多進程釋放,無論是在白天還是在夜晚都可以確保減脂效果始終如一的強勁.

第一階段 : 快速釋放液體膠囊 ,外層液體膠囊可確保快速的釋放成分,可以抑制食慾,減脂,提升甲狀腺水平和體內能量.一段時間內,就可以感覺到Lipo 6 RX升級版油脂燃燒器的液體部分開始工作了.

第二階段 : 控制釋放的內部膠囊開始工作與普通的那些起效快,作用消失的也快的燃脂配方不同, Lipo 6 RX升級版油脂燃燒器可以超長時限的進行工作.經過篩選的成分被製成小丸放入獨立的膠囊內,再被置入液體膠囊中,這樣藥份的吸收和藥效的發揮得到了很好的控制,延長內含成份的活躍時間.

Lipo 6 RX升級版油脂燃燒器是一種即能快速減肥有能長期保持有效性的減肥產品.它適合運動員賽前減重. Lipo 6 RX升級版油脂燃燒器的多進程複合膠囊技術是受美國專利保護的.


Lipo 6 RX is the world's advanced fat loss product that leverages the new built-in delay process patented technology, this unique technology will rapidly transport liquid capsule and the capsule controlled release combines. This is means that Lipo 6 RX is a fat loss product currently has a multi-process release, fast and delay function, whether it is during the day or at night can ensure the effect of reduced fat.

Lipo 6 RX upgraded version of the existing oil burner is the most advanced slimming products, its built-in delay based liquid complex process has been patented capsule technology. This proprietary technology will rapidly transport liquid capsule inside the capsule and the controlled release of efficacy together, so that efficacy can be released multiple processes, either in the daytime or at night can be sure that the effect of reduced fat consistently strong.

The first stage : quick release liquid capsule, the outer liquid capsule ensures quick release of ingredients that can suppress appetite, reduce fat, improve body energy and thyroid levels over a period of time, you can feel that Lipo 6 RX upgraded oil burner. the liquid portion to work.

The second stage : the controlled release of the capsule started working with those ordinary rapid onset of different effect disappears too fast fat burning formula, Lipo 6 RX upgraded oil burner may be a long time to work through the screening component. is made within the pellets into a separate capsule, and then be placed in a liquid capsule, the absorption and efficacy parts play such drugs has been well controlled, extended active time containing ingredients.

Lipo 6 RX upgraded version is a fat burner that is able to lose weight fast can have long-term effectiveness of weight loss product. It is suitable for athletes before the weight loss. Lipo 6 RX upgraded oil burner multi-process composite capsule technology is protected by US patents protected.

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